Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun!

Yesterday marked another fun filled day for us LB Scrapaholics and our family. We had our THIRD ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT! Yup, you read it right! Its our 3rd in a row easter egg hunt! Looks like its really going to be a yearly event for us! even our kids our looking forward to this event! My son Gian even marked our desk calendar and would look at it every day just to check if its Easter already!

It was really a full day for my family. We got up at 4am to attend also our Church's annual Easter sunrise service followed by the fellowship breakfast. Then we went home to rest for a few hours then we were off to UPLB OBLATION AREA for the egg hunt.

Of course, no LB scrapaholic event takes place without the pictorials. So bago pa maging basang sisiw ang mga kids, inuna muna namin yung traditional family pictorials. Each family was assigned a color and my brood came in violet/lavander.

Even my DD Sharie joined in the fun! Walang ginawa kundi ngumiti ng ngumiti! Here's proof!

My DH Ryan and I volunteered to hide the eggs this year. We had two sets of plastic eggs. One set for the young Kids and the other set for the older kids.Gian had fun looking for the eggs and was so proud to show it me.

Now what the LB girls didn't know was that we hid a third set of eggs but used quail eggs instead. The person with the most number of eggs found wins a rak from me and the one who gets the orange egg gets a rak of ribbons again from yours truly! Sobrang na excite ata ang mga girls at tumakbo na di pa ako nagsasabi ng go!LOL!Just look at them go!

Ryan and I limited the area for them to hunt just around the 3 sq. meter area of the UP Oblation. Pero mind you nahirapan ang mga ale mag hanap! yung ibang eggs naapakan pa! LOL!

Helga and Cors tied for first place while Ytet found the orange egg and won the special rak! Finally the group pictorial!

And now for the wacky shot!

All in all it was a fun filled day of bonding with friends and Family! Looking forward to our 4th Easter Egg Hunt next year!

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