Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Goodies from Scrapbook Hawaii & MLA!

Last saturday, Liezl, Chiqui and I went to My Little attic's "Open House". We were one of the first to arrive and so we had the first chance of savoring all of Nenettes' stash! Grabe! Ang dami daming magaganda! I am so happy that finally I was able to buy a corner adorner which I have been longing to buy for a long time! We really had fun going through all the papers and embellishments. I think I hoarded again! (So what's new? Hehehe!) Thanks Nenette and Marissa! Take a peek at my scrabooking goodies! Yummy!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm In The Top 12!

Yipeee!I made it to the Top 12 of the Scrappin Mom's Idol Challenge! Each of the weekly challenges were really difficult and it got harder as the weeks progressed. But all those sleepless nights was worth it. Thank you scrappin moms for hosting this challenge! Ang galing nyo mag isip ng ipapagawa sa amin!I could say that my scrapping style improved because of this event. So again thank you Scrappin Moms! And to my fellow finalists, good luck to all of Us! See you at the scrapfest!

My Scrapping Journey

My Actual journey to scrapbooking started in September 2006 when my sister-in-law Helga taught me a the basics in scrapbooking. Although I started scrapbooking in 2004 when I gave birth to my son but at that time I was not using acid-free materials and I didn't know any technique yet. It was mainly a "cut and paste" thing. But I was eager to learn more about this new craft so Helga introduced me to the LB Scrapaholics - Liezl, Issa, Cors and Timi which I had an instant liking. Parang" Love at first sight" kung baga (hehehe!). 

I started joining their sessions and they were really very accomodating in teaching me the different techniques of scrapbooking. I had my first experience of attending a scrapfest in September 2006 and grabe! Naloka ako! If before Happy na ako sa nabibili sa National Bookstore, eh sa scrapfest TOTAL ECSTACY! Panic buying to the max ginawa ko! Since then I would say I became a certified scrapaholic already. Ang advantage ko was that my mentors were very talented at magaling magturo kaya natuto ako kaagad.
In 2007, This marked the year that I joined Challenges. The first ever challenge I joined was the My Little Attic - We R Memory Keepers challenge. I did not win but I think I was the happiest person among the contestants! Why? Well, it was the first time in my life that something I did could be seen in the internet and can be viewed by everyone! Ang babaw ng kaligayahan ko no? (hehehe!) Here's my entry.

My next stop in this journey was the scrapmeet 3 in March of 2007. I joined their "Valerie Salmon Sketch Challenge" and to my surprise, I was a runner up! Grabe! Naiiyak talaga ako sa tuwa! I went up the stage together with Liezl who was also a runner up!

I was walking on air for a week! I think even my husband, Ryan, was so proud of me that he was bragging my win to his officemates! After that Recognition, I heard Liezl say that I can now be officially inducted as a member of the LB Scarapaholics! Kailangan daw kasi may award muna bago maging member! Hehehe!
And so goes on my scrapbooking, join ng join pa rin ako ng mga challenges. I liked joining kasi 1st I get to challenge myself also to try new techniques and styles and 2nd is by joining challenges, I create deadlines for myself to finish a number of layouts per month and also reduce my backlog(which I have lots and lots!) And talagang super lucky naman ako na some of my work gets recognized! Pati husband ko nakahiligan na rin itong hobby ko that he becomes a part of every layout na rin. You see, the subject of almost all my layouts is my son Gian. But both me and ryan conceptualize the layout. He also helps in editing my journal. He even paid for my sizzix sidekick machine! Thanks my Love! Here are my Layouts that won or got recognmized.

This Past two months I became very busy when I joined my greatest challenge ever - "THE SCRAPPIN' MOMS iDOL " Thought I wouldn't be able to meet the deadlines because Aug and Sept are also my peak months at the clinic. Being a Pediatric Pulmonologist by profession, medyo these months are my busiest coz its also "Asthma Season". I thank God for giving me the strength to be able to do all these things at the same time. I thank Ryan and Gian who were very understanding these past 8 weeks. I thank my kasambahay Jona for watching over gian on those nights when I would work on my LOS until the wee hours of the morning so I can meet the deadline. And most especially I thank Liezl, Issa, Timi, Cors and Helga for your help and support during the idol challenge. Mas lalo tayong naging close because of this challenge and I believe our love for each other grew to another level these past weeks! D lang tayo friends kundi parang true bloodied sisters that looked out for each other during this very important segments of our scrapping life. I know this relationship we have will be forever because all of us are sincere with our feelings for one another. Wala sa vocabulary natin ang inggit. Its always "all for one and One for All"!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Meet my Family!

I've been happily married to Ryan for twelve years now (we just celebrated our anniversary last Sept.16) but it took us eight years to finally have a child. His name is Gian Paolo and he's three years old now. He's simply handsome, adorable, malambing, smart that despite his being sooooo makulit, all your anger will be gone when he gives you a hug or a kiss. Meet the men in my life!

Welcome to my Blog!

It's been a few weeks now since I've created my blog. But I never got around to post anything yet. With this blog, I hope I can share with you my life's happenings and updates on my scrapbooking.
I would like to give special mention to Issa Lucido and Diane Miraballes for helping me out in creating this blog.
So welcome everyone to my blog!


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