Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Little Princess Has Arrived!

Last November 6, 2008, our Little Princess - Shanead Marie S. Vergara was born via repeat CS at 1:27 pm, with a birth weight of 7 lbs and 8 oz. and a birth length of 51 cms. Praise God my delivery was uneventful and Baby Shanead is healthy. I was really worried with this pregnancy because since my 3rd month of pregnancy I had recurrent spotting and infection. I also had 3 attacks of Asthma for which I had to be on inhaled steroids to control it. Thank you Lord for listening to my prayers. So Everyone, I would like to introduce SHANEAD MARIE S. VERGARA!

I'm not quite sure yet kung kanino siya kamukha. My mom says she looks like me when I was born but sometimes she looks like my son Gian so ibig sabihin kamukha ng asawa ko (Oh no! joke!). Well, let's see in the months to come. One thing's for sure, puyat ako lagi! She's hungry all the time and cries so loud na magigising buong barangay! LOL! At the moment we don't have a nickname yet for Shanead but I fondly call her "MEG"! Parang malayo ata sa Shanead Marie right? Well............
It's Meg for "Mega Dump or Mega pupu", "Mega dede", "Mega Weewee" and "Mega Cry"! LOL! But seriously, i hope we get to choose a real nickname for her na. My friends suggested Shane, My husband wants shandy kaso baka maging lasingera pag laki eh. Any suggestions? Just leave me a note! Who knows you might win a RAK from me


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