Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Its reveal time once again at Sketchabilities! This new sketch by Karan Gerber is simply perfect for the pictures that I have had developed for quite some time but didn't get the chance to scrap. It's my DD once again, this time showing off her new dress but most specially her Boots! If I'm a scrapaholic then she's a "shoeholic"! She's less than two years old but she's particular already with the shoes that she wants to wear. While at the mall trying to get shoes for her, she wont try anything I chose! But when she saw these WHITE BOOTS, she was so in a hurry to try them on and we could not take it off already. She wore them until we arrived home! LOL! So I guess this now officially makes it her favorite! LOL!

Here's my layout and the sketch:


1 comment:

Kelly Massman said...

That is a gorgeous layout! I love it all (especially that rose type ribbon)! :-)


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