Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trip to OZ Land!

Last week, I had a chance to travel to Sydney, Australia. Its my first trip to OZ Land and was really excited to see the wonderful sites there. I got to see the famous Harbor bridge and Opera House.

The tour guide also brought us to Hunter Valley for some wine and cheese tasting. I was looking forward to seeing the Blue Mountains but unfortunately it was raining and so we couldn't see the "Three Sisters" because it was covered with fog!

But the highlight and most exciting part of my trip was to see an old friend whom I've missed dearly!I didn't realize how much I've missed her until I hugged her again that night! Yup yup! ladies! I met up with "Miss Congeniality" herself........

Beautiful pa din diba?

Joanne and her equally darling sister Jovy picked me up at my hotel and we went to darling harbor for dinner and dessert at "Pancake on the rocks"! But inside the car pa lang I was already feasting on the scrap stuff Joanne Got for me! Grabe! So scrappylicious talaga! Due to the hectic schedule of our tour, I didn't get a chance to visit a scrapbooking store and Joanne was so kind to do all the shopping for me! What a gal!

At dinner, as usual puro chika kami about each other's Kids, our husbands, scrapbooking and our friends espcially the LBS girls. Inabot nga kami ng midnight kakachika! LOL! And of course we didn't go home without the pictorials!

To Joanne and Jovy, thank you very much for your hospitality and generosity. I really had a wonderful time. Looking forward to my next visit at OZ. Do come back to the Philippines soon so I can return the favor! Mwah!

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jothescrapaddict said...

ganda ng pics ! -- will upload mine and you can just download it !


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