Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Darnest May.....

Kids say the darnest things!
"That's why it is so important to keep a paper and pen handy at all times!
You'll never know when you're going to overhear a conversation
that you will never want to forget!!!"this was the challenge made by scrappin Kids for the month of May... to scrap about the darnest things that our lil ones ever said. And I just got the right picture for this. Mind you this was the actual shot my husband took using his nokia N95 when this incident happened.

A few months ago, my son Gian stunned me by what he said. He was very naughty that day and so out of frustration I told him that he was a very bad boy! He started to cry and suddenly said "DIBA YOU LOVE ME? YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO GET MAD AT ME!This reply really caught me by surprise and I felt bad that I got so mad at him. But as always we ended up hugging each other tight. My hubby was so amused by what happened that he couldn't resist taking this picture of my son and I making up!

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Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

It's great to see you scrapping again Dra! Very nice and touching lo, I love the papers too...


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