Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our House Has Christmas Na!

For the Past 12 years,I normally put up my Christmas Tree and decorations on December One. However, My 3 year old son changed my routine. Here's why. Around 3rd week of November my son saw our neighbors houses having christmas lights already. "Look Mommy! Our neighbor has Christmas na but we dont have Christmas yet!" I said " Son, Its still too early to put up the christmas tree." Big Mistake! As soon as I said it he started muttering to himself that how come the neighbors have na. sabay giving me the "Paawa Look". Kaya even though I was supposed to prepare for my lecture in Batangas the following day, We eventually put up the Christmas tree that night. And Boy was it A memorable One. Gian was so happy that night. He even wanted to be the one to put up the Christmas Balls on the tree. When he saw an old Santa's hat, he put it on pretending to be santa's helper. Just look at these pictures! Sayang nga lang na tinotoyo ang camera ko. WaaaH! But then....

Thank you Gian for this very special moment with you!

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