Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dear Santa....

After the putting up of the tree and Christmas decorations around the house, Gian's Next Agenda was his presents. This time he keeps on looking for presents from Santa. So I asked him.
Mom : "Have you Been a good boy?
Gian: Why....Yes Po!
Mom: Really?
Gian: Yeah!
Mom: Then you better write a letter to santa so He'll Know what you want.

Immediately he asks for a pencil and paper and starts to write(Kuno Hehehe! D Pa po sya maalam.) Pero mind you serious ang little boy.


Mom: So what do want from santa?
Gian: Uhmm....
1. Bubbles!
2. Toy!
Mom: what kind of toy?
Gian: Car!
3. Glass that is not dirty
4. Ball na di sira! (coz every time that he insists on playing with his ball but its bedtime na, we tell him he can't play coz its sira)
5. Big umbrella
6. cellphone
7. computer!
Mom:Anything else?
Gian: Uhmm... enough na.
Mom: Great!(buti 7 lang pero madugo ito!)

So that night after church, I gave him an envelope to put his letter. He left it on the tree hoping that Santa would come and read his wish list.

And every morning, soon as he wakes up, he rushes to the tree and inspects the branches where he left his wishlist.On the 3rd morning, He was ecstatic to learn, his letter was no longer where he left it! With eyes aglow,and a smile from ear to ear, knowing that Santa must have gotten his letter because he was a good boy! So now he's expecting his presents just like mommy's which seem to pile up each day.

And 12 Days before Christmas,a pleasant surprise awaited under the tree. As he inspected the new presents he noticed some of the presents had the letters G-I-A-N written on the card. And He shouted Thats me! Look Mommy! G-I-A-N! Thats Gian! I Have Presents!Yehey!and he burst into song, the lyrics of which only he can comprehend! And he reached for one and Asked:

Gian:Can I open my present?
Mom:Uh Oh! Sorry son but you have to wait till christmas.
Gian: But its Christmas na! Look at the neighbors, they have christmas na!
Mom: Son we have to wait until december 25

OH boy! The debate lasted a few minutes. finally what I did was I got a december calender, pasted it on the ref and pointed the present date and encircled Christmas Day. To appease him, thus started the 12 days of christmas daily countdown, wherein every new morning he puts an X to mark a day closer to Christmas!With each Passing day he opens one present.

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Candy said...

Aliw naman si Gian! Lovely LOs, Rita! Galing!


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