Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unang Silip Kay Baby Shanead!

Three weeks ago I had my 4D Ultrasound at alabang so we can get a first glimpse at Baby Shanead Marie (Pronounced as "Shanade"). But looks like this baby is shy that she keeps on covering her face with her hands. Finally on our 3rd try 3 weeks later the sonologist finally got some good pics of Shanead. Everyone, Heto na po Ang unang silip kay Baby Shanead Marie Vergara:

Looks like kahawig pa din ng panganay ko na si Gian!


Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

I was about to say that Dra... kamukha nga ni Gian! Congrats Dra and Ryan for baby girl Shanead... now life is more complete di ba! worth the wait...

Ingit ako!

Lee i. said...

wow ang gandang bata! congratulations and looking forward to seeing baby shanead star in her very own LOs. :-)

tnapay said...

ang cool talaga ng 4-d ultrasound. stay healthy. :)


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