Saturday, June 14, 2008


On sunday, June 15, 2008, is Father's day! And as our simple way to greet my dearest husband, I made this simple Father's day Card for him. And my son Gian helped too!

I've been on house arrest for a week now due to spotting again and so I'm not allowed to do any strenuous activities that would stress me physically and emotionally. Think happy thoughts lang daw according to my OB. Buti na lang scrapping makes me happy kaya I was able to make this card. I would have loved to do some cooking too so we can have a special lunch or dinner pero baka mapagod lang ako nun especially its my helps and yaya's day off on sunday so looks like hubby is stuck with takeout food and this card. Bawi na lang ako next year! Well Here's the card.

For this card I finally was able to use my Inque Boutique Nightingale stamps then embossed it with silver embossing powder. For the "DAD" Chipboards, I first painted it with blue MM Paint then applied my straw colored crackle paint. But I think maybe I applied too much crackle paint kasi I didn't get the desired cracks I wanted that would show the blue paint or baka mali ang paglagay ko. Anyway once it was dry, I applied Silver paint to match my motiff of blue and silver.

Lastly, for the journaling inside the card, here's where my son Gian helped. He was the one who wrote "happy father's Day!" Follow the dots pa nga lang.Hehehe! But he still makes me proud!

here's a lovely poem by Carmen Strawn that I would like to dedicate to all the father's on their special day!

A Father's Love

Is a Warm Embrace,
Or a Quick Hug
A Glowing Smile, and Your Wit and Wisdom...

A Fathers Love is a Walk in the Park
On a Hot Summer Day
A Drive in the Car, Down that Windy dirt Road

A Fathers Love is in the Poem Written
To 'A Friend or Daughter,'
In the Special Words That Come Only From a Father...

A Fathers Love is in Fun Times Together
Camping under the Trees
Enjoying a picnic, and Walking through the Leaves...

A Fathers Love is Faith in His Family
High Hopes and Dreams, And Pleasure in Doing
'What Ever It Takes'...

A Fathers Love is a Kiss on the Cheek
Or a Friendly Hand Shake
My Idol for Life, 'I Will Treasure Dearly'...

Well, to you my dearest Ryan and to my Dad, brother, Brothers in law and to all the Fathers out there, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU!


CraftFairy said...

Lovely Poem. TFS. I like how the dimension of DAD popped out of your card! Great job!

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

great card Dra! Happy Father's day kay Ryan! Hope you are ok na...

Lee i. said...

Hi rira, you've been very productive, wow! i really like the colors you used in your scraplift of iris. really eye-catching!

Lee i. said...

naku pasensiya na po sa typing ko, at hindi ko kabisado si qwerty. sorry about the typo of your name. :-)


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